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What we learn from associations that engage in sustainable event practices

K.I.T. Group Whitepaper | January 2020

Have you ever wondered why associations are not leading the way in sustainable event practices?

After all, association members meet for various purposes beyond the pursuit of profit. Their common interests and aspirations integrate a host of other aspects that will, in turn, shape the organisation’s mission and be reflected in its agenda. As forces of good, one would expect associations to be leading the way when it comes to creating a positive impact on people and the environment at their events.

However, too many associations fail to communicate their concern for societal improvement and environmental protection at the meetings they organise. The events management industry is failing to significantly reduce their environmental impact alongside the associations that have yet to implement sustainable policies.

We wanted to understand where this inconsistency comes from and identify ways to promote sustainability amongst associations.

That is why, in 2018, we contacted 10 European and international associations that successfully integrated sustainable event practices into their conferences.

Read more to discover what we found.

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