Taking Care Together


Taking care together!

Message from the K.I.T. Group management on the handling of COVID-19 in our teams and offices

For us, as an international company in the events industry, people have always been the focus of attention. We are aware of our core values each day to which we live up to through our actions. Our responsibility still applies to all involved in organising an event, and we take this very seriously for our teams, our customers, our guests and our partners.

With the current status of the worldwide spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we as a company are challenged to meet this responsibility and to take care of our teams. For this reason, we have taken various measures to minimise the risk of infection for all our employees and to find suitable ways to steer them through these challenging times, together.

Therefore, we would like to inform you about the measures we have taken.

Office and accessibility

To provide our employees with the best possible protection against infection and while helping to contain the spread of the virus, our employees are working remotely. The availability of our teams is fully guaranteed for our clients, so that work on all event projects continue to run optimally.

Meetings and travel

To minimise the risk of infection, we have also instructed our employees to avoid taking business trips and minimise in-person meetings, internally and externally. Alternatively, we use telephone and video conferencing to ensure that meetings with colleagues, customers and partners are still possible during our normal business hours.


We are aware that these measures will change our normal business operations. However, because of current developments and, above all, the associated planned government restrictions on public life in more and more countries, we consider these measures to be necessary and consistently correct.

Nevertheless, our teams and we continue to be there for our customers. Our offices in Germany, China, France, Switzerland, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates are readily available for you. Our teams are working with all of their energy and passion to continuing fulfilling the work for all clients’ events 100%. To this end, we have our sights firmly set on all events of these days and all events in the coming months and are in constant communication with our customers and partners as well as official governmental authorities and institutions. We are closely monitoring the situation in all countries so that we can discuss all developments and any appropriate precautions with you as quickly as possible.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who work in the health sector and who fight every day to contain the pandemic. Over the years, our decade’s experience in the field of medical events has not only resulted in many business relationships with medical professional associations, organisations and institutions but also in many personal acquaintances and friendships. Be it with speakers, participants or exhibitors. From this, we know about the enormous effort that the employees of the health care sector have to make, especially in the current situation and pass on our heartfelt thanks!

On behalf of all K.I.T. Group employees, we would also like to thank you for your trust. We hope that the situation will change for the better as soon as possible and that we will all be able to return to normal soon.

Best regards and please stay healthy.

Your K.I.T. Group Management