Conference Management

Conference Planning

K.I.T. Group has dedicated teams specialized in National, European and/or International events. Upon the signing of a contract, we appoint an Account Director with your organization’s make-up in mind. As your appointed interface, the Account Director is the prime point of contact with your association and your partners, and also the key representative of your event throughout the entire life-cycle of the project. In addition, each project will also have a Project Manager for administrative and operational support within the direct project team.The main responsibilities of the Account Director and the Project Manager are to guarantee your event’s success both qualitatively and quantitatively, and to ensure that your conference adheres to the strategy, targets and interests of the contracting body.Your Account Director and Project Manager are your long-term institutional representatives within K.I.T. Group, thus ensuring stability and strategic development.

Venue & Supplier Management

We have logistical and procurement experience for all types of venues, allowing you and your conference to benefit from our group purchasing power, internal guidelines and know-how.Your assigned conference management team supports you not only in the conference preparation phase but also for all on-site needs. They carry out the entire supply chain management including SWOT analyses as well as procurement and coordination of all suppliers – offsite and onsite.Furthermore, the conference management team is also responsible for all measures related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR), and of course crisis and risk management.

Financial Management

Your business is safe in our hands! K.I.T. Group Finance Department controls the overall financial activities and group-wide cash flow. Furthermore, all tax matters are handled in a centralised manner and in close relation to external international tax advisers.Responsible for all financial administration associated with registration, sponsoring and conference budget, our finance experts are on hand to support you in all aspects of pre-financing, credit control, cash flow, contingency planning, insurance, compliance, and auditing to ensure financial security at all times.K.I.T. Group’s Finance Department is prepared to help assure that all monetary angles are covered.

Programme & Content Development

Programme & Content DevelopmentDeliver flawless and innovative content onsite, online, on the go and in print – then develop derivative content-based products to maximise the impact of your event. Our content development and management team will handle all communication with contributors, faculty, reviewers and speakers through all stages of content management. By using our hassle-free abstract management and programme planning tools, we can ensure the highest quality of content based materials, and timely and valuable contributions from authors, speakers, chairs and committees at every time. Our skilled secretariat will also take care of the CME accreditation process.

Communications & Design

Our in-house team of web and graphic designers, communication experts and data managers help you reach your audience. They use their respective expert knowledge to develop and implement a 360° communication strategy for promoting your conference in all aspects and toward all stakeholders. No matter if it is about signage concepts, booklets, websites, video production, press conferences or social media coverage, we help you clearly shape your ideas and then work to make them more visible.

You will benefit from extensive, sustainable media coverage and a communication strategy customized to your association and your conference. Our communication and design team offer all-round support for your media and marketing requirements including consultation, design, website development, social media presence, networking, campaigns, editorial collaboration and evaluation.

We help to maximise the impact of your brand and content while enhancing your overall presence, in print, onsite and on the move. This backdrop gives us the ability to correctly position your conference and build attendance.

Delegate Services

Every participant’s experience starts with the registration process and first impressions last. We don’t leave this to chance. Our state-of-the-art, flexible online registration tool REACT (Registration and Accommodation Tool), is used to register your participants professionally, quickly and in accordance with your needs. Our Delegate Service Division is staffed by highly-trained individuals who strive to super-serve your delegates.

Our registration process is based upon a dedicated multilingual and multi-cultural professional staff, flexible and tailor-made online registration tools, a secure payment gateway and mobile-friendly tools. On top of this, we also provide a client dashboard with 24/7 real-time statistics displaying registration and financial figures.

K.I.T. Group manages all incoming registrations and payments including reminder management. We also perform the onsite registration throughout the conference period, while coordinating and supplying all necessary technical equipment and office materials for the registration process.

Accommodation Management

Today’s participants have a choice and our accommodation team’s challenge is to offer every individual (or group) the right option at the right price, and in the right location.

K.I.T. Group works extensively with hotel chains worldwide, giving us an excellent negotiation base to acquire competitive rates and contract conditions for your event. This enables us to offer ideal accommodation solutions for your specific requirements.

Our multilingual staff is always happy to assist participants and groups, offering support in all aspects of their hotel needs. We guarantee attractive rates for VIPs, delegates, exhibitors and staff with a broad range of accommodation types, proprietary easy-to-use mobile-friendly online tools, secure payment system and web-based services.

Business Development & Industry Liaison

We manage appropriate and rewarding sponsor relations and ensure that exhibitors, advertisers and other sponsors receive the service and return on investment they deserve – all while enhancing the overall value and impact of your conference.

Through the use of our proprietary expo management tools and CRM, we craft stunning state-of-the-art exhibitions, workshops, promotional campaigns and symposia. Our directive is to protect your association’s legitimacy and independence while working to secure optimal revenues through the constant innovation of compliant products for a diverse range of industry partners.´

K.I.T. Group uses a consolidated, easy-to-use exhibition service platform which has helped us to build and maintain sustainable relationships with our industry partners as well as help them achieve their objectives.

Information Technology

K.I.T. Group offers a wide range of web-tools and software applications in order to deliver high-quality services and products for our clients and to be able to administer the data of your delegates a safe, clear and simply accessible way. With each solution an appropriate measure of data protection and security is assured for all users. We comply with the applicable data protection laws and go beyond these with the implementation of superior data protection standards.

Our IT infrastructure at conferences and events is managed and administered by an experienced in-house team led by the designated IT expert for your conference. Our IT team has extensive conference experiences and engages in continuous education. The technical requirements of the conference venue is always taken into account. At the conference, our IT team delivers complete set-up for the registration area and maintains technical support.

Destination Management

Our reputation is built on working with destinations, our focus is on the customer and our strengths are our local knowledge and know-how. This allows you and your delegates to feel at home wherever you are.

We develop unique and outstanding social programs which are a perfect mix of social events and tour packages. Our event managers design an inspiring and engaging social program which compliments as well as enhances your conference experience as a whole.

We work with all organisational aspects of concept development, live entertainment, stage construction, ticketing, catering, security and transportation.

From the elaborate to the cost-conscious, from your opening ceremony to a mini-marathon, we design and produce an event which suits you best.

Association Management

Day-to-day Office Management & Administration

The daily workload of an association can be very time-consuming. We are there to take care of your daily operations as well as the registration of your organization, the maintenance of your bylaws and your articles. We look after your legal and fiscal representation and inform you about necessary insurances. Budgeting, bookkeeping and auditing are of course part of our portfolio. We provide collaboration tools and facilitate the workflows for your leadership.

Community & Membership Engagement

The relationship between an association and its members is crucial. Thanks to our multi-lingual call center and our professional online support, your member requests are in professional hands. The satisfaction of your members is our mission; we are implementing necessary strategies to engage members more and to increase your membership. Our membership portals are easy to use and facilitate renewals and recruitment. Thanks to our CRM tools for campaigning, we guarantee you successful communication with your members and other target groups. Besides, we coordinate and manage your committee, important meetings, grant administration and of course your elections.

Non-dues Revenue Generation

A successful society needs reliable partnerships. We do not only look after your industry and sponsor relations but can also research new fundraising opportunities for you. Entering new markets and developing new product strategies will support the sustainability of your society. Sales and the distribution of publications and other scientific products are part of our everyday business. We will also be happy to provide our compliance expertise.


Behind every prosperous association there is a consistent strategy. Our expert consultancy consists in e.g. advising on best practices so that you can benefit from the experiences of other associations. We can help you build up your mission and define a clear vision and objectives. And of course, we harness new technologies so that your association will always be a step ahead. We consult you on the funding of your projects and on risk mitigation.


Internal & External Communications

Communication is the key to success. We enhance your image by administrating and promoting your brand. We can develop a multi-stakeholder value proposition and lobby for your organization where it is useful. Our experts will take care of your website design and management as well as of your newsletters. Due to our CRM tools for campaigning, we guarantee you a successful communication. And whatever event you are planning, we will be at your side.

Public Event Management

Concept Development 

  • Overall creative design
  • Brand and licensing
  • Sponsor Opportunitues
  • Artist & partner curation
  • Financial modelling and support

Content Management

  • Pre-marketing
  • Artist booking and management
  • VIP protocol and hospitality
  • Product integration
  • Social Media
  • Media relations
  • Live TV Show production

Event Production

  • Permits and authority issues
  • Supplier management
  • Logistical coordination
  • Security, health & safety
  • Ticketing
  • Lead generation
  • F&B concept & management

Digital Event Management


An effective digital event is like a live event; it must have a clear purpose and a strong directive. Who is the audience? What information should be shared? The answers assist in designing the most engaging event possible. We are at your side, helping create a sound first impression to expand registration numbers while delivering quality content to assure repeat audiences.

Our Services: Event Design | Programme Creation | Monetisation Strategy | Virtual Platform Selection | Engagement Strategies | Virtual Platform Management | GDPR Compliance | Corporate Social Responsibility | Financial Management | VAT / GST Consultation | Media Library | Post-Event Analytics & Reporting | Post-Event Survey 


Delegate Services

Digital Events have many of the same requirements of in-person events regarding registration of delegates. Intuitive interactivity is a primary directive in designing registration systems for digital events, as it is the first impression of the platforms to come. Our platform, OPADE, is as intuitive as possible while maintaining a personal touch.

Our Services: Registration Set-Up | Registration Management | Access Rights Consulting | API Connections | RSVP Group Bookings | CME Processing | Dashboard | 24/7 Support Team | Post-Event Registration Management


Business Development / Industry Liaison

Sponsorship in the digital event world is significantly different from face-to-face events. Our task is to offer industry partners many innovative digital sponsor-ship items and virtual booth packages. We find ways to involve the industry before, during and after the event, offering clear sales marketing initiatives and a product concept with a fair pricing strategy.

Our Services: Consultancy for Optimal Industry Involvement | Conception of Product and Pricing Strategy | Conception of Sales Strategy | Acquisition of Sponsors and Exhibitors | Compliance Ensurance and Consultancy | Virtual Exhibition Design | Engagement Strategies | Provision of ESOS | Inclusion of Innovative Digital Sponsorship Items | Video Production for Sponsors | Industry Channel on Virtual Lobby | Recording & Production of Industry Symposia | Sales Marketing Initiatives | Data Analysis to Sponsors & Exhibitors


Marketing, Communications & Design

Our experts offer content and community management for campaign-based social media performance. We put together a custom digital marketing plan based on your goals. The intention is to design a brand language which illustrates your association, then spread that message in a focussed and intelligent way.

Our Services: Strategy & Planning | SEO Strategy | Landing Pages | Google Ads & SEO | E-Mail/Newsletter | Social Media Management | Social Media Advertising | Search & Display Advertising | Video Production | Design of Promotional Elements | Creation of Corporate Design | Rights of Use – CI | Rights of Use – Video



Incorporating professional-quality video into a digital event enhances the viewing experience for your delegates. Grasping and keeping an audience’s attention is even more challenging in the age of smartphones and tablets. Exceptional speaker presentation and engagement is of utmost importance and K.I.T. Group’s professional production management team is here to help.

Our Services: Production Management | Presentation Management | Offsite Live Stream Management | Online Technical Support Team | Live Stream Production | Studio Production | Live Virtual Production with Remote Speakers | Virtual Platform Stakeholder Coordination | Virtual Platform (Internal Tool) | Allocation of Support Staff for Chat & Help Desk | Post Production


Programme & Content Management

K.I.T. Group offers a customisable content management tool to handle the submission, review, and selection of abstracts. After defining the programme, we send invitations and manage correspondence with your faculty. We have put together a detailed “how-to” of best practices for digital presentation and offer training before the event.

Our Services: Speaker Management | Online Session Planner | CME Accreditation | Abstract Management | Speaker Rehearsals | Green Room Support | E- Poster Management | Online Library | Virtual Programme Planning Meetings | Digital Programme Consulting