On course with confidence

Message from the K.I.T. Group management on current developments and plannings concerning COVID-19

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has, as we all see, hit the event industry particularly hard and is having a noticeable impact on events around the world. Conferences postponed, events cancelled, and virtual meetings are on the rise. Events, as we know it, are currently impossible and returning to normal is not foreseeable in the near future.

As a Professional Conference Organiser, we are faced with the challenge to keep a comprehensive eye on the dynamic developments in connection with COVID-19 and to react to these developments with adequate measures. Providing our extensive know-how from over 33 years of experience in the event business to all our clients is our clear maxim, to consult and actively support you in the further planning of your events as usual.

With this message, we would like to inform you about how we are fulfilling this aim at K.I.T. Group and how our teams are setting the course for future events.

Proactive Planning

In everything we do, people are always at the centre of all our activities. Aware of our responsibility towards our teams, clients and partners as well as event participants, we keep a close eye on all official announcements and coordinate all necessary measures with our clients and partners carefully and immediately.

We base our decisions on the following sources (please click) to ensure forward-looking and responsible planning for all stakeholders involved in bringing an event to life:

What is most important to us here is continuing to provide reliable event planning. We know that the demand for physical event experiences is unchanged and that onsite events will be possible again, eventually. Therefore, we follow the WHO’s recommendations for larger events while considering regulations concerning COVID-19 (please click). We also ensure an event is feasible, as soon as possible, and be prepared in terms of hygiene and safety. 

Digital Event Solutions

Since live events are nearly impossible onsite, our association partners do not have the opportunity to offer professional education. We are offering you our team of certified digital event strategists. In close cooperation with excellent partners, we assist our clients in the conception of digital events as well as the planning of the overall infrastructure for virtual event experiences.

From webinars, virtual congresses to hybrid events – we know about the importance of continuing professional education opportunities and can create the optimal environment with our digital event solutions. This way, our clients can keep in touch with their members and participants and can also make their contribution to knowledge transfer, interaction and networking.

If you would like to find out more about our digital event solutions, please click here for further information and the opportunity to schedule a call and speak with our event specialists directly.

Optimal Precautions

In order to provide our employees with the most cautious measures against infection, we took appropriate measures right at the beginning. We previously informed you about these measures in March, which primarily includes:

  • Relocation of our teams to mobile offices
  • Increased hygiene precautions in our local offices
  • Restrictions on meetings and business travel

We will continue to adhere to these measures, ensuring the protection of our employees as well as all our clients, partners and service providers with whom we are in daily contact. However, these measures in no way restrict our work, as our teams are still available for you.

One question that concerns us all is undoubtedly when the pandemic and its associated restrictions on public life will end. Unfortunately, no one is able to predict this, and we must continue to be patient and persevere. However, in light of current developments in various countries, we are looking to the future with great confidence. Positive tendencies are beginning to emerge, and restrictions are becoming more and more relaxed.

What makes K.I.T. Group particularly confident about COVID-19 and the severity of the situation is the resilience of our industry and the enormous strength to which we have been able to master many times before. We are aware that the road back to normalcy is not easy for everyone, but it is possible. Together, we will be able to make this happen. 

K.I.T. Group will continue to give 100% of our know-how, our passion and our expertise for our clients. We ensure that the upcoming conferences and events will become live experiences again, and opportunities for professional education are guaranteed, in real life as well as online and virtually.

On behalf of all at K.I.T. Group, we would like to thank you for your trust and are looking forward to our upcoming conferences and events in the near future. Stay confident with us, and above all, please stay healthy.

Your K.I.T. Group Management and all KITonians