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The “brains” of our organisation are centred at the Berlin headquarters, working with our technological tools, the local knowledge is at our representative offices. This is the synergy of K.I.T. Group.

Standing behind the skilled logistics professionals of K.I.T. Group are 75 world-wide business offices which represent over 130 countries. These offices are our go-to counsel when it comes to the maze of taxes, customs, import/export, visa requirements, and all of those sticky topics which only a person on the ground can truly be 100% knowledgeable.

Our local representatives are not travel agents but knowledgeable business people. They are usually located within the structure of chambers of commerce and can give us a true support at financial, juristic and governmental level.These business offices help to give K.I.T. Group the ability to work within the rules, laws, customs and culture of each host country in which we work.

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