Power of Attorney

Patrick Schnabel appointed as authorised signatory

January 17, 2019 | Berlin

With the beginning of the new year, our K.I.T. Group Headquarters has a new leader to represent our management in business matters, Patrick Schnabel. With the granting of power of attorney, Patrick is sanctioned to sign for K.I.T. Group in almost all business areas.

Patrick has been with K.I.T. Group for five years, making an essential contribution to the successful development of our company through his expertise in the areas of Business Development – Industry Liaison and Legal Affairs. Patrick’s appointment as an authorised signatory is an expression of the company’s high level of confidence in his work and serves to increase K.I.T. Group´s capacity to perform in our commercial environment.

On behalf of all KITonians, we wish Patrick Schnabel every success for the future, and we look forward to continued positive cooperation.

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