K.I.T. Group Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

    30 Years of Synergy and Competence

    Berlin, Germany | 13 December 2016

    The year 2016 marked a true milestone in the history of K.I.T. Group as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary. Founded as a Professional Conference Organizer by CEO Willy E. Kausch in 1986, K.I.T. Group has grown impressively in size since then and is now a leading association, conference and public event management company with more than 120 employees, 75 offices and representations and 30 conferences and public events worldwide every year.

    With this success in mind and to celebrate its 30th year, K.I.T. Group had a formal celebration late last week, inviting all employees worldwide to come to Berlin. The famous and well-known “Sarotti-Höfe” – in the heart of the capital of Germany – was selected for this special occasion and offered the perfect backdrop for the anniversary event.

    As a special guest, former Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, joined the celebration, giving a laudatory speech to everyone at K.I.T. Group. With personal memories from various conferences and events, Klaus Wowereit looked back at some special moments in the story of K.I.T. Group, and recalled the past together with Willy Kausch and Jocelyne Mülli. He also thanked K.I.T. Group for its work as a PCO and organizer of public events such as the “Fanmeile in Berlin”, as well as K.I.T. Group’s efforts in supporting Berlin as THE place to be for conferences and meetings.

    Willy Kausch expressed his thanks to all employees at K.I.T. Group for their personal engagement and willingness to deliver first class conference services at all times.

    “We can be proud of what we have achieved in the past 30 years”, said Willy Kausch, and “we can look forward to the next 30 years.”

    The timing of the anniversary event was specifically chosen by Willy Kausch, as the event marks the end of K.I.T. Group’s 30 year celebration as well as the closing of the 2016 conference period.