30 Years of Synergy & Competence

    K.I.T. Group Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

    2016 marks a milestone in the history of K.I.T. Group: 30 years ago, our company was founded by CEO Willy Kausch as a Berlin-based Professional Conference Organiser with only a few employees. Since then, K.I.T. Group has grown impressively in size and is now a leading association, conference and event management company with more than 30 conferences and public events every year.

    We are proud of our reputation for faultless, discreet delivery of first class meeting services, but our successes have only been possible thanks to the vision and ambition of our clients whose trust we strive to maintain every day in all that we do.

    We can look back on an era that has seen the professionalization and globalization of our own meetings industry and also that of the association sector which we serve. Huge improvements in congress facilities, meetings technology and worldwide travel have seen the association meeting business boom in an atmosphere of relative plenty and unquestioned outcomes.

    As we move further into the 21st century our belief and passion for face-to-face events remains as strong as ever. We and our customers are adapting to the realities of a rapidly changing and sometimes uncertain world, so we are acutely aware of the need to remain agile, informed and connected. Emerging technologies, massive demographic shifts, regulation, governance and a new age of relative austerity mean that we must constantly evaluate our strategy to better serve the sector and to guarantee the value of your meetings.

    Our vision is of an increasingly sophisticated and complex business relationship between us, our clients and the industry at large. The mechanics of meeting planning will become increasingly automated, the data at our finger-tips will allow us to design, monitor and constantly improve individual experiences. New ways of curating and distributing content will contribute to higher returns and outcomes and allow us to develop sustainable new funding models. The spotlight on accountability and transparency will drive the demand for diligence and specialised consultancy services.

    Looking forward to the next 30 years we are committed to building our global presence and relationships, to developing our human and technical resources, to maintaining client synergies, to building ever more specialized solutions and most importantly: being reliable and discreet partners in your success.

    But before getting back to business and perhaps your conference, let us say “thank you” to all our clients and partners for your confidence in our team and the successful collaboration over the past 30 years.