A Force for Good

    Ben Hainsworth on risks, changing business models and a feeling of joint responsibility

    Berlin | 9 March 2017

    Today’s conference centers and conference organizers are challenged more than ever to take adequate measures for security but also to “live the values of the host and protect them with sincerity, clarity and spirit.” And with the Christmas market attack in Berlin still in mind, this topic is on top of each event host’s agenda.

    Ben Hainsworth, Executive Director at K.I.T. Group, has been interviewed by Katrin Schmitt for the latest issue of CIM, and was asked about his thoughts on “risks, changing business models and the feeling of joint responsibility”. The news article can be found here.

    [Source: CIM Conference & Incentive Management | www.cimunity.com | Issue No 1 | February 2017]